Him: Who is she? I’ve never seen her before.
Her:  I think he’s looking this way.
Him: She just looked at me!
Her: I have a feeling I know him. He seems so familiar.
Him: I think it’s time for me to smile at her.
Her: Maybe if I smiled? Casually. Nothing wrong with a casual smile. C’mon, sister, say something funny.
Him: She’ll think I’m a weirdo, staring like this. I’ll wait till she looks at me.
Her: Finally, a funny story. He smiled back. So that’s it. Why is he not coming over?
Him: She smiled. If only her friend went to a restroom, or something. I can’t just walk up to both of them. She does seem like someone I knew, a long time ago.
Her: He might be a bit shy. I might need to walk past him, he’d probably say something.
Him: Who is this guy? Is he with her? He certainly sat down next to her.
Her: Oh my God. My boss had to stop by right now. Please go away.
Him: Looks like she has a boyfriend and just flirts with everyone. Why do I care? We just looked at each other for a minute. I’ll check out that blonde now, just to spite her.
Her: So, he flirts with everyone now. And that blonde is not that pretty, either. I’ll just laugh at these lousy jokes my boss tells to impress my sister.
Him: Yes, she’s having fun. This was not meant to happen. We’re probably two different worlds.
Her: He’s smiling at that blonde. Nice! All men truly are the same. I’ll just go home as soon as I finish this drink.
Him: I’m taking off. I’ll forget about this girl as soon as play some “Massive Attack” at home. A glass of red wine will fix me right up. And I might start reading ” The Master and Margarita” again.
Her: This was not meant to happen. I can’t wait to get home, grab a glass red of wine, play some “Massive Attack.” Maybe even re-read “The Master and Margarita.” This guy is probably nothing like me.


Illustration by Troy Towns

©2018 Troy Towns All Rights Reserved


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