A personal note

Someone told me recently that the last thing this crazy world needs right now is another poetry blog. I strongly disagree, obviously. We always need art in our lives. And we need to share it, spread it, exchange it and learn from it. I know I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers.

I started my own blog as a battleground of my inner struggles, so it’s going to be rather personal. I just hope that some of you might find beauty in what will sometimes be therapy sessions between me and my keyboard.

I love to write, draw, paint and play my guitar. I love meeting people who also enjoy one of these activities. And, I am new at blogging, so any input and advice from more experienced bloggers is more than welcome.

I thank all of you who will take the time to read some of my poems, leave a comment or offer a suggestion. Your support is highly appreciated!


Love and peace,


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