Halloween poem

A patch of cold air licks your neck,
silence gets broken by a quiet hiss.
Darkness has never been so goddam black.
Were fears only dreams? Or memories?

In a far corner of your darkened room
a figure is motionless, facing the wall.
Cold is this night, full is the Moon;
should you walk tall? Or maybe crawl?

As your eyes slowly get used to the darkness
you see the creature is wrapped in your sheet.
Its arms are too long to belong to a human
and there’s a pool of blood under its feet.

As its head swiftly turns towards you
an inhuman shriek froze your heart still.
Its head is tilted, misshaped and askew,
the face is disfigured, unnaturally thin.

You feel its sharp teeth piercing your skin,
you do not fight, you wouldn’t dare.
As you lie down mortally still
you thank the Lord it was a nightmare.



Illustration by Troy Towns

©2018 Troy Towns All Rights Reserved


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