There is no echo from the last voice to die.
No sound, no light, no darkness, no life.
No space, no place, no more and no less,
no emotions, no thoughts.
Absence of color, no black and no white,
no time nor dimensions, no future nor past.
No up and no down, no left and no right,
Just lifelessness; non-existence.
Vastness and nothingness.
Not even a memory of the past tense.
No matter, no dust, no conscience to witness.
No more seeing and no more hearing,
only a void within a void, nothing within
Everything known and unknown is gone,
not shrunk or stretched, just simply ceased.
No gasses, no elements that birth precious life.
Nothing exists, all has passed
Into nothingness.
There’s no eternity, no certainty, nor laws.
There is no physics or nature to obey.
nothing goes and nothing will stay.
A death of Death;
and nothingness.



©2018 Troy Towns All Rights Reserved


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