To my friend, Lemmy B.

The last time I saw you, words truly failed me.
You were but a shadow of who you used to be.
I said nothing important, and I hope you’ll forgive,
I was afraid my words could hurt, or maybe misgive.

Time plowed your face, you were skinny and pale.
The unforgiving past left you hopeless and frail.
You said you were fine, twitches gave you away,
instead of sculptures, you still wished to make clay.

You forgot we said we’d watch each other’s back;
you forgot we bled, and traded gray for black.
You ran when there was nothing to run from
and made a full circle back to the old slum.

I know you’ll keep angels up playing your drums,
but I know there won’t be any beat in our lives.
I foolishly thought the streak ended with others;
I told you I was tired of burying brothers.

You waved with the old you hiding in your eyes
and you smiled briefly with a nod and goodbyes.
You kept turning around as you walked away;
I did not know I’d never see you again.

The last time I saw you words truly failed me
If I had known this, I would have said something
if not words to save you, or hide you away
I could have at least said “Lemmy, travel safe.”

©2018 Troy Towns, All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “To my friend, Lemmy B.

  1. So sad… The tragedy of loss. Beautifully written Troy!


    1. Thank you, Kevin! I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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