Quote of the day

You can never hate anyone as much as you can hate the ones who are an exact replica of who you used to be.

Not sure who said this, and if anyone has. Either way, I’ve experienced this type of hatred many times in my life, even some generally good people aren’t immune to this sentiment.

Depending on the person, they  hate the age, habits, life, relationships, freedom, poverty, wealth, anonymity and statuses they once had.

At times, there’s bitterness behind this hatred; other times it’s shame, sadness or even masochism. Either they want to escape their past, or they crave it.

I try hard not to fall into that particular abyss and detour every time I feel like the road is taking me there. I have been travelling safely, and am unscatted by hatred.

Long ago I thought certain people hated me for no reason. But there was always a reason, and the quote explains it. I used to hate back, without really hating, merely trying  to level things out. And I was wrong to do that.

Knowing now where the hatred comes from, it makes it easier for me to forgive. To be a better person myself. To stay clean, every time it happens.

Like it happened today. When I tamed my anger and recalled that quote, I ignored the viciousness, laughed at it. It becomes predictable after a while, like Coca-Cola Christmas adds.

Knowing why the malice is there might help people start looking each other in the eye again, regardless of their current differences. It might change the way we feel about each other.

Just my shower thoughts…


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