I dissipate into beautiful atoms,
explode into hypnotic colors
I flow like the greenest river,
winding my way
around the dams.
I’m a radiant plant;
you’re grafted in me.
A green-life stent
and graceful leaves.
I walk through the narrow,
cobblestone streets,
and tunnels of luscious olive trees.
I’m a small time thief,
stealing your figs,
as I walk down to a secret, pale beach.
I’ll watch the town with a first-time wonder
I’ll listen to crickets,
and I’ll forget
I’ve been amazed many times before.
My words are hard
to translate
into a language of the unloved.
The madness cannot make sense
in a cold and normal outside world.
I was a trance tourist in your jungle,
wishing I could stay there forever.
Dreading the day when it’s time to go
with only pictures in my back pocket.
I traded currency for golden leaves,
the Sun rolled around my head.
Space moved too fast, waves
made a mess,
I captured your breath
and hid it in my lungs.
For once I do leave,
I will use it then,
the first time I need
to inhale again.

1 thought on “Trance-tourist

  1. Wow ..😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😍

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